Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Blog's Identity Crisis- Help!

I have realized that though my pseudonym is "The Southern UnBelle," when typed as a website it could be mistaken for "The Souther Nun Belle."  Kind of non-sensical.  And I curse a lot so I don't think that nuns should be involved.

So, now I'm brainstorming ideas for a better pseudonym that's original and not *too* dorky.  The main hold-up in this process is that I realize that my perception of "dorky" tends to veer widely from that of other peoples'.  So I'm stuck.


Don't call me Mandy  because I haven't gone by that name since I was 5 and it drives me batty when anyone other than family says it
The real story   because Eric complained that the Christmas tree entry makes him sound bad and I replied that this is my blog, if he has a complaint he can start a counter-blog to give his side of the story
Too weird to be baptist   not that baptists turn anyone away, but they are GREAT at disapproving facial expressions
It makes sense to me
I prefer the term eccentric
Almost sane
Almost insane
I should probably be on heavier medication
Did I remember to take my medication
I hope she's on drugs, it would explain a lot

Some of these may be taken already.  Others are almost certainly available.  


Unrelated to this, but in case anyone is reading my blog and wondering why I always use an asterisk for curse words, it's not that I'm too wimpy to type them out (I kinda am, I was raised Southern Baptist, which means that I get to do what I want but there is a heavy dose of shame involved).  But it's mostly because I sometimes type my blog on my lunch break and I don't know whether or not my company uses super sneaky software to monitor employees' keystrokes watching for key words.  Bstrds.  Possibly.


  1. I say stick with it. :) It's clever. Lily at It's a Dome Life was worried when someone called her blog, It's a Do Me Life, but you know what? It sticks. :)

  2. OMG- I love "It's a Do Me Life!" My husband would have no problem being referenced in that blog in any way, shape, or form. Thanks for the support :-)

  3. Random passersby here, stick with Southern Unbelle. It immediately piqued my intrest.


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