Monday, May 6, 2013

Script Drug high

This morning I accidentally took my anxiety medicine (I normally only take it at night to help me sleep).  Now I'm at my desk feeling all loopy and just generally don't give a f*ck about anything.  It's good because I'm much less high-strung than usual, but it's bad because I have A LOT to do and can't afford to work at this lackadaisical pace.  But I feel fan*fucking*tastic.  Except when I stop to look at my hands because they feel funny.  I'm pretty sure I'm on a legal high right now.  I'm going to ask her if I can take a low dose of this stuff in the mornings from now on.  

I'm pretty sure everyone else would appreciate my being less high-strung as much as I would enjoy feeling mildly euphoric.


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  1. haha. oh, I've done that before. I totally laid on the floor of my office starring at the ceiling and smiling for like an hour. wheeee!

    1. OMG, that would be awesome! Unfortunately I have a little cubicle, so I'd be caught in no time.

  2. Well, at least you feel good! Hopefully it doesn't make you fall asleep and drool on your desk or some such... But heck, at least you aren't speed talking or trying to jump cubicles...



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