Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Four. F.ing. Weeks.

Since my last blog entry.

This is not me. It might be LA.

Ms. LA Juice, herself, mentioned me in her blog.  In a super-positive way.  Like she thinks I'm fabulous which MAKES ME LOVE HER EVEN MORE BECAUSE SHE, OBVIOUSLY, IS AS BRILLIANT AS SHE SEEMS.  Who doesn't love brilliance?  And the feeding of our own grandiose egos?  And bitches who totally know their shit when it comes to earthquakes? 

This is what happens when I don't get around to catching up on blogs for a month.  I miss important shit like being mentioned in a badass blog. 

I had a *strong* margarita at dinner so every time I tried to type "love her" it came out "lover her."  I don't know if my latent lesbianism comes out when I have tequila, or if it's just bad typing skills. Possibly, the degenerating typing skills cause the typos and the latent lesbianism causes me to only catch that particular typo after my fifteenth proof-read while I catch all of the rest of them on the first read through.  Me and Jose Cuervo, Freudin' it up.

Linux does not think that badass is one word.  F.ck you, Linux.  Stop red squigglying my shit.  And stop red squigglying "squigglying."  Dammit. This is like arguing with a f.ing 4 year old.

               Tequila and Cupcakes. Yum.
While I was searching for a picture of a margarita I came across this photo of a margarita flavored cupcake.  Now I'm craving cupcakes.


  1. Glad you're back, and that cupcake sounds intriguing. :)

  2. Glad you are back, and thank you for my morning chuckle! And badass IS one word, I don't care what the computer says...


  3. yay! welcome back! I'm hardcore caving margaritas today but can't have any since I have a tattoo session tonight. too bad.

  4. #1 - Juice is awesome. I lover her too a little.

    #2 - How is it that a cupcake can sound so good and so gross at the same time? I feel like tequila doesn't go with cupcakes, and yet, I really want to try it.


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