Friday, September 27, 2013

Life, Whilst, and Suggestions for the TSA

I've been horrendously busy lately, both at work and at home.  Without boring you with my personal woes and complaints, let's just say that life hates me and I've hanging on by a mighty thin thread.  

Last weekend I made a new friend from the U.K. and he dropped the word "whilst" in conversation.  I've been pronouncing it "while-st", but apparently it's pronounced "whilst" with a short i.  I'm not sure that I've ever said it in conversation, but it shows up often in the trashy turn of the century romance novels I read and it's massively unfair to the fictional characters that I make them sound ignorant.  This is the kind of shit I worry about when I'm sick of worrying about the shit I should be worrying about.  That's possibly the most convoluted sentence I've ever written, but my lunch break is almost over so I'm leaving it.  And this might be the worst post I've ever written, but see above excuse.

As a side note, I was severely disappointed because my friend doesn't know or watch Dr. Who and I thought that was a requirement for Brits.  It should be, and it should be a new TSA screen.  Oh, and the TSA should also screen the men for undergarments because I heard a rumor that the men wear women's panties and no woman should be taken in by a British accent, only to find out that his undergarments are prettier than hers.  Don't women have enough to feel self-conscious about?   Isn't that written into one of the international peace treaties?

Happy Friday, my Blogger Friends!

Amanda- The Southern Unbelle


  1. Hope you get to relax this weekend! Hate when life gets overwhelming...

  2. My dear, I always love to read your blogs! And yes, I think that at least we should have the corner on the pretty panties... So to speak. ;) Hoping things even out for you...

  3. Glad to see your blog! And yes, women should have the prettier panties... Hope things even out for you.



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