Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Movie Review Tuesday

That title would be much catchier if today were Monday, but I didn't get my shit together enough to post yesterday.  (Or the previous several weeks, for that matter).  

Disclaimer- I watched these movies on cable, so likely most of you have already seen these movies or read reviews that made you decide to not watch them.  Here's my unsolicited opinion anyway.

This is 40
Description:  A coming of age story for spoiled rich adults
Synopsis:  Steve and Jane (I don't remember their names.  That's how impressed I was by this movie.) spend a lot of time crying in their BMW and Lexus because they are in danger of losing their lush home in their pretentious neighborhood because they are pathetically inept at managing their businesses and finances. But they manage to have moments of happiness when they get high while on their weekend getaway (that probably cost the equivalent of 6 months of my salary).  And they have relationship break-throughs with their prosaically absentee/mooch fathers after they start very public fights with their fathers at their catered party.

Note the key words here.  I don't think the writers (or producers/directors/anyone involved in the making of this movie) understand the concept of having money problems.

My opinion:
It was about an hour and a half too long.
4 thumbs down.  Both of mine and Eric's.  He didn't actually see it because he fell asleep, but I think that statement proves my point.  The movie had a lot of funny parts so I *might* have been able to ignore the faulty plot if the movie had been shorter.  But it was just too fucking long to forgive.

Halloweentown (a Disney movie)
Description:  A family of witches band together to overcome the evil warlock
Synopsis:  3 adorable children defy their mother to sneakily follow their grandmother to her home in another dimension of ghouls and witches and the like.  They find their powers and reunite their mother and grandmother in the face of evil.

My opinion:
Loved every minute of it.  Absofuckinglutely adorable.

Happy Tuesday

The Southern UnBelle


  1. omfg. I sickly LOVE Halloweentown. And all of it's sequels!!!

  2. Agreed!! This is 40 was not a good movie.

  3. UGH This is 40 was horrible. I completely agree with you. It was depressing and completely detached from real life.

    I'll have to see Halloweentown!


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